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Team Day Workshops

Upgrade your Team Day with a unique Puppet inspired workshop by Bee in my Beanie

Workshop 1: Add a half day workshop to your own existing team day. Ideal to compliment a more static session and support employees in putting theory into practice.

Workshop 2: A full day exploring Communication and Team Building through Puppetry.

Every workshop can be customised to the Organisation's requirements. 

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"A complete delight. Bee in my Beanie ran a puppetry segment to help me deliver a team day on “how to create high performance work teams”. It was the most well received and popular part of the training. The puppetry workshop was fun, interactive and it taught the delegates in an innovative manner. Their step by step approach broke down complex work behaviour issues. I highly recommend their shows and using them to facilitate fun days.”

—  Khazana Khan, Head of Operations | Clean Break

Behind the Puppets

What makes Puppet teams, strong teams?

During her Master’s degree, Katherine closely studied the relationship between Puppet-based projects and a high level of team cohesion. She found parallels between Puppet practice and Religious practice in how strong, loyal and cohesive groups are formed. Puppetry however, does not require a cultural/ spiritual shift and is accessible to anyone with an interest in creative team building.

Based on these findings, Katherine and Tess have devised a Puppet workshop that addresses High Performance Work Team strategies. The Puppets are used to practice clear delineation of roles, efficient communication and working together to meet a unified goal. Often, teams are able to find a new outlook on their day to day work by placing it in this Puppet context. Feedback has shown that previously problematic teams have come back into the workplace refreshed and re-invigorated.

Managers are also able to appreciate their Teams capability and gain a new understanding into how they can better motivate and manage their employees.


Our Puppetry workshops are, importantly, lots of fun. We get teams up on their feet almost immediately, this active element compliments a more static work function perfectly. Your team will be able to take what they have learnt from the theory and put it straight into practice.


Compared to other Theatre based workshops, these are much more suited to individuals who may not enjoy being in the spotlight. There are three people to a Puppet and all the focus is placed on the Puppet (not the Puppeteers). This makes our Workshop enjoyable to very confident performers and those who may be hesitant to try performance based skills.


Additionally, all the feedback is directed through the Puppet. We facilitate constructive and evidence based feedback (always with the goal in mind), this practice is then reflected upon and encouraged to be continued into the workplace.

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