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Aamira and Gad, available to tour 2021

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This is an interactive tale which invites the audience to step into a border conflict between two nations. Unfolding in a no-man’s land, the audience joins a group of story archivists to salvage the folktales of two nations before they are destroyed by war.


This production is inspired by Dr Smadar Cohen-Chen’s research on hope, we use puppetry and storytelling to explore the lives of two children affected by war and what it means to be told that someone is your enemy. The audience is brought along this adventure and given the role of Archivist, led by the head of their unit Archibald (a fearsome mole creature) they are told they can watch but not interfere. This production was inspired by the Palestine/ Israel conflict and draws on lived experience of the conflict.


This production was originally a semi-immersive show which invited the entire audience to take part in the story, however due to covid-19 and audience size we have been working to adapt this into a safe, interactive production that still engages the audience in the story but with health precautions considered.


Cast Size – 6 + 1 technical manager


Genre – Family Theatre, Puppetry & Interactive

Creative Team:


Devised by Bee in my Beanie & original company*

Directed by Tess Agus & Katherine Sturt-Scobie

Movement Direction by Alexandra Ewing

Produced by Erin Caitlin Karn

Technical Manager George Ormisher

Consultant Social Psychologist: Dr Smadar Cohen-Chen

Dramaturgy: Emma Zadow

Music by Edward Watchman

Puppet & Design by Katherine Sturt-Scobie


*Original company – Alexandra Ewing, Demi Wilson-Smith, Emma Zadow, Lyla Schillinger, Edward Watchman, Thomas Delacourt

Aamira and Gad: Once Upon a War

Reviews for Aamira and gad

“Content follows form in this beautifully created production”

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★★

"Throughout my many years of theatregoing, I have never encountered anything quite like Aamira and Gad ... it was dazzlingly unique."

The Basic Theatre Reviewer ★★★★

' I suspect this will not be the last we see of this extremely proficient show. I would recommend seeking it out where you can!'

The Play's the Thing

“This show is perfect for young children and families; there’s puppetry and audience members can volunteer to involve themselves within the story. This is a really remarkable show.”

Spotlight on the Stage (Florence Kitchen)

Lou Reviews - Interview with Directors


“There are certain narratives in our life, for example religious or political, that are so ingrained in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us that we never question them. We want people to understand how much these narratives shape our lives, how governments can use these narratives to shape the lives of its citizens, and most importantly how these narratives can lead to hatred. We want people to see the power of their decisions and agency, and to explore the idea that once we choose to believe that the world is dynamic then we create room for hope.”

Society Season, TBC

the house of the Witch and how SHE came
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