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Bee in my Beanie aims to break barriers between worlds through Play, Curiosity and Provocation. We explore what it is to be human through the child-like joy of storytelling and play. A collaboration of third-culture kids who have called many worlds home, we seek to break perceived boundaries by drawing on what brings us together as humans. We specialize in Puppetry, Clown and New Writing as a unique combination of what is at the heart of story.

PlayWe create in the spirit of play. Finding joy in our work allows every member of our team to truthfully own what we devise. Our productions bring audiences together by going back to the fundamentals of pure expression that we have forgotten about as adults.

Curiosity - is not limited to the constraints of the individual experience. We seek to push our boundaries and step into other shoes to foster understanding. Questions drive us forward and by freeing curiosity, we find, rather than force, answers.

Provocation Rules don't weigh us down but provoke us to see where we can take an idea. We approach topics across cultures that often cannot be put into words. By giving space to these concepts, we provoke our collaborators and audiences to start important conversations, consider why these boundaries are in place and how we can move past the fear of the unknown. 

Meet our Puppets

Sofia is the old lady of our group. She requires two puppeteers to move her, one for head & hand, the other just hand.

She has a haunted look about her, with marble eyes that reflect light shining on her. 

She is the grandmother to Lyla, a 9 year old girl currently in production. 

Lyla is 9 years old. She is a bunraku style puppet who requires two/three operators.

Lyla made her debut at the Guildford School of Acting and looks forward to exploring her world further.

She is made of lightweight foam and a hand-crafted plaster of paris head with nodding mechanism.

This spooky guy is Archibald. He is one of the leaders of the Archivist Society who are entrusted with collecting stories.

We meet him in Aamira and Gad as he recruits young audience members to the society and tasks them to help him collect their story.

This is Jimothy... he's a handsome fella.

One of only three Treetles in existence  What's a Treetle you may ask? Well, it is a bird that stole the shell of a Turtle to wear as armour but also as a fashionable statement piece.

Poor Turtles! He is a one person puppet and has two brothers - Fred and Bill (Blue and Green)

Meet the Golem, from 'the Golem of Aamira and Gad' (also known as Fred in the rehearsal room). He is a table top, Bunraku style puppet.

His neutral expression, wooden features and soft body make him a joy to work with and express with.

email info@beeinmybeanie.com to enquire about hiring a puppet or for a custom build


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